The Hungry Cities

The Journey Begins Anew!
Grab you shovels, lets play in the sandbox!


The party has chosen a direction to head in the wake of the Luftwright disaster. They are heading to Trumbridge to gather strength before taking down Cromwell’s Duin once and for all. They do this in service of long time friend and ally Thaddeus Valentine to save his daughter. In return he will provide them with the location of an object called MEDUSA. MEDUSA is said to channel the power of the table Luth stole during the flight from Duin

The travel to Duin remained uneventful until the Siren and the Scarlet Lady came upon a two cities locked in the hunt. The larger city, Triumvirate, was barreling down on the much smaller fishing village of Loamport. The party knew that the energy to hunt a city as small as Loamport couldnt possibly justify the hunt. Deciding to investigate the party decided to land and see the sites. First they went shopping where Daylen asked Reginold the blacksmith to size his armor, and proceeded to purchase from a man a deck of things, a broom, and an eye patch. He then used a knock out rose to steal what appears to be an ornery back of holding. Robert performed a brilliant ballad about Oglaf to great fanfare. He was then invited to perform at a rich nobles house later that night.

Ephira later brought the Hiraphem to the church of life, where Oglaf broke the news of his heroics (and the destruction of a city) to Brother Jacob. He is now in search of a weapons master, and those who wish to accompany him to Trumbridge to continue his quest.

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