Chidathra The Necromancer of the Southern Dregs

The great evil that lies in the south


A dark figure wreathed in darkness. He appears to be mostly solid shadows. If he is entirely made of them, or only clothed in them is hard to say. None have seen his face since the Conflagration 5000 years ago.


A dark figure that clothes itself in shadows, he is known to be the master of the city of Suture, and controller of the largest mass of undead in the known world. He has many allies that gain powers from him in return for the dead bodies they create in conquest. He affectionately calls these people of his realm the twice born. He also says that each person brought back is another step closer to peace.

Chidathra is also known for the incredible braintrust he has created in his tower. Having kidnapped, or recruited the most brilliant minds of the hunting ground he seems to be working on the newest experimental magics. But for what end?

Chidathra The Necromancer of the Southern Dregs

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