Ephira Lafitte [Starsong]

Captain of the Siren, Commodore of Kobolds


Ephyra was born in the builder city of Adeiladwyr. A human city, Adeiladwyr specialized in the building of the demolition parts of the carnivorous cities. Their prowess was turned against them when the city was consumed by one of its very own creations, the citizens pressed into service and slavery. Ephyra, like the others, was branded with that city’s mark: a triangle in thirds on her forearm, but was inked with several other signifiers as well. Years passed and eventually the city that devoured them tried taking on another city. It didn’t go as planned and a part of the underbelly became dislodged. It fell into the wasteland and was lost to the battle. Ephyra was on that chunk and escaped into the wasteland to wait out the battle under the debris. The cities moved on elsewhere to lick their wounds and the chunk and Ephyra were left behind.

After a few days, an airship found it. Looking to cannibalize it for parts and scrap, the crew scoured the debris for parts they could use. Ephyra stole onto their ship only to reveal herself when it was airborne…barely. There was a malfunction with one of the engines, and rather than be brought down in another crash, she crawled out to fix it. Thankful, the pilot allowed her to stay. They returned home to Vakabón [Tortuga], a pirate city in the clouds with Ephyra in tow and took her to their boss, Edmar Gotfried. Admiring her brass, Gotfried presented her with a job: Keep fixing the Siren, stay on as its mechanic, and help with their smuggling duties, and he would not return her to slavery.

Years later, the Siren was hers…under one condition. Bring Gotfried an artifact. Something to give him the upper hand in the smuggling trade. Something the Elves had, but would never release to him. He thought this was an impossible task, but he doesn’t know LaFitte. Unfortunately, the Siren is in dry dock being repaired after a heist went particularly bad. The repairs are costly, but they are being done.

Character flaws: LaFitte will do whatever it takes to get the job done. If that happens to be nefarious deeds, so be it.

Pro: She believes nothing should be inaccessible to anyone. Food and fresh water should not be a matter of the highest bidder.

Family: Elas Starsong [husband], Darunia and Drannor [Twin girl and boy, 3yr], Solana [girl, 5 years]

Ephira Lafitte [Starsong]

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